27 November, 2016


The Project
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The Project

The Ludo-Bus project it’s about a solidary action to bring culture and learning tools to the refugees and displaced collectives in Europe. This will be done based in similar projects we saw in spain, where small towns without library receive the visit of a bus with didactic material.

We know of some NGO’s who built some playrooms for some refugees camps, but most of them are static, not mobile so only the refugees in that camp can benefit from them. Our idea is to make it mobile, to achive the maximum number of people in multiple camps. That will allow us also to bring this playroom to areas where otherway they couldn’t enjoy it.

How we will do it?

First we need to find the right vehicle to do this job, for example a motor-home. We will enable part of the vehicle so the volunteers can sleep, cook, etc and the rest to carry the didactic material and books for learning in languges of their interest.

The languages we think the refuges can use depending of their location are the following ones:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Greek
  • Spanish

We will previously contact with the refugees camps to know wich one need this resource so we will be able to optimize the project and the economic expenses.


The activities of the Ludo-Bus are destinated to all the refugee population but will be adapted depending the target ages.

  • For the youngest we will offer them a kindergarten where they will have educational games, toys, a clown, etc.
  • For adults, educational speeches and health care talks.
  • For all of them, workshops of teather, music, painting, reading, learning languages and more.

These are only some of the activities we will do in our stay. Any suggestion will be welcomed.


To increase the sucess of the project we will work with volunteers who want to become part of it. For logistic reasons the team can not be bigger than 3 people. When the Ludo-Bus is on the camps the volunteers will be able to be substituted when needed thanks of the european transports (train, plains, bus…) That way we may be able to be more time on the terrain.

The volunteers not traveling in the Ludo-Bus will have to assume the cost of the transport from their origin to the intervention area. They will have the possibility to sleep in the Ludo-Bus but if they want they can choose to sleep in hotels or hostels all self-funded. When the bus is on the area it will have more information of the availability of places to sleep.

We don’t require the volunteers to have a special formation but we will prefer if they have som formation related with social integration, education, animation and artistic formation. We also prefer if they can speak english so the communications will be easier for everybody.

The volunteers going in the Ludo-Bus will have to have a valid car driving license to take turns on driving.

We will contact schools to try to convalidate the volunteering with us as practice for their formation, in case that is related with social working. This way we help everybody.

Didactic material

  • Books
  • Language learning books (basic)
  • Painting tools
  • Entertaining games
  • Educational games
  • Musical instruments